Vigna phaesolus Snail Vine Pint Plant


Vigna phaesolus Snail Vine Pint Plant

Pint plant of this very unusual half hardy perennial snail vine Vigna Phaesolus. In no time at all this relative of the lima bean produces leaves in sets of three and huge lavender curly qs will cover a vertical surface up to 15 feet. This plant needs a trellis or other climbing structure to grow on. As the summer gets warmer, this vine seems to thrive and produce more flowers. The blossom is the shape of a contorted corkscrew or a nautilus shell. There is a light hyacinth fragrance and should be planted in full sun for maximum flower production. This vine does self seed but is easy to transplant somewhere else or give to friends. This vine very tolerant of most soils and produces best when given lots of water.


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