Trachycarpus takil Kumaon Palm 10 seeds


Trachycarpus takil Kumaon Palm 10 seeds

Seeds from Trachycarpus takil Undoubtedly one of the hardiest palms, as evidenced by its high altitude habitat. Reputed to be the most cold hardy trunking palm withstanding temperatures down to 5F. It receives considerable frost and snow every year coming from cool and moist oak forests in the Himalayas in Kumaon, northern India, with an altitude of over 8000 ft. The leaf of T. takil has a neater, more clipped and manicured appearance than the T. fortunei. It grows to 30 to 40 feet tall, with a rough trunk covered in fiber from old leaf bases. Likes a sunny, well drained position. Easy to grow but slow. Zones 3 to 12


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