Streptosolen jamesonii | Marmalade Bush Pint


Streptosolen jamesonii | Marmalade Bush Pint

Marmalade Bush or Streptosolen jamesonii Mature Plant in a Pint pot. Streptosolen jamesonii is no normal Bush. It may be the most brilliant Shrub that you can find anywhere. Bursts of red, yellow, peach, and gold flowers blanket this shrub to remind me of seeing pictures of the universe and the masses of swirling stars. Marmalade Bush or Streptosolen jamesonii is an evergreen shrub of the Solanaceae family. The loose clusters of flowers start out yellow, and the change to gold, and then change from gold to peach to red. The height of the Marmalade Bush is up to 6 feet tall with slender, tall stems. The leaves differ in shape from ovate to elliptic, and they differ in color from green to dark green, and all leaves show a pattern of tiny ripples on their surfaces. In most areas the Marmalade Bush blossoms from Spring through Fall, but in areas where the winter does not fall below 45F or 7C Streptosolen jamesonii will blossom most of the year. Streptosolen jamesonii needs to be overwintered in frost prone areas. USDA Hardiness Zones 9b to 11.


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