Strelitzia nicolai Giant Black Bird of Paradise Quart Plant


Strelitzia nicolai Giant Black Bird of Paradise Quart Plant

Quart Plant from Strelitzia nicolai, which resembles a crown of banana like leaves atop a palm tree trunk, combine with huge, uniquely flowers, and then you have the bird of paradise tree. Related to the bird of paradise flower Strelitzia reginae, but this one grows to 30 feet. The 6 to 8 foot leaves are grey green and arranged in fans atop the trunks. Plants form clumps of several variably sized trunks. The inflorescence are composed of a dark blue bract, white sepals and bluish purple tongue. The entire bird can be as large as 7 high by 18 long. Flowers are followed by triangular seed capsules. Full sun to part shade. . Water when dry. Does not like saturated conditions. USDA Zones 9 to 11. This plant is hardier than S. reginae. it can handle brief periods of frost with no damage. Leaf damage occurs at temperatures below 28 F but plant will recover. The seeds need to be soaked for 24 hrs and then sown 1 deep and kept at 68 to 77 degrees with light. These can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 4 months to germinate.


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