Passiflora citrina Pint Plant


Passiflora citrina Pint Plant

Pint Plant from Passiflora citrina which normally grows in moist pinewoods. It may be the only yellow flowered hummingbird pollinated Passiflora in the world. A free flowering plant which will flower 10 months of the year indoors. May prefer slightly acidic peaty soil. The star shaped blooms resemble a sparkle of light against 2 inch felted leaves. Zones 10 and above. The vine was pretty much pest free. I keep mine in the ground and protect it in the winter months with a very light mulch. It also can be brought inside during cold weather I do not use any chemicals on my plants and therefor at certain times of the year you are able to find nibbles here and there on the most of the host plants for butterflies.


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