Musella lasiocarpa Chinese Yellow Banana 10 seeds


Musella lasiocarpa Chinese Yellow Banana 10 seeds

Seeds from this very easy to grow Chinese Yellow Banana or Musella lasiocarpa that is hardy to zones 7 to 11 and can be planted outside with lots of mulch and frost protection. Once thought to be almost extinct, there are many of them growing now around the world. Outside it needs to be fertilized with slow release fertilizer and kept in full sun. This fast grower does not grow much taller than 8 feet. I have had mine for four years and it has not grown more than five feet. It has pest free foliage and a reddish midrib running down the leaf. The flowers are huge golden blossoming formations. This easy to grow plant is very good in containers also. The seeds need to be soaked for 24 hrs and then sown 1″ deep and kept at 68 to 77 degrees with light. These can take anywhere from 8 weeks to 4 months to germinate.


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