Magnolia ashei or Ashes Magnolia 10 seeds


Magnolia ashei or Ashes Magnolia 10 seeds

Seeds from Magnolia ashei or Ashes Magnolia. Magnolia macrophylla subsp. ashei Ashe magnolia is an understory shrub or small tree with huge leaves and huge flowers. Magnolia macrophylla has the largest leaves and the largest flowers of any North American tree. Ashe magnolia has deciduous leaves that are 12 to 24 in long and 6 to 12 in across at their widest point. The saucer shaped flowers are 10 to 12 inches across and sweetly fragrant. They are creamy white with purplish stains at the bases of the nine petals. Flowers begin blooming when the leaves are about half grown and continue for several weeks. The fruits are borne in aggregates that are a beautiful shade of pink purple. As befits a tree with huge leaves, the winter buds are amazingly large up to 3 in and actually quite attractive. Ashe magnolias begin flowering when just 3 ft tall and seedlings flower in just four years. Zones 6 to 9


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