Lonicera flava native Yellow Honeysuckle


Lonicera flava native Yellow Honeysuckle

Starter plant 6 to 12 inches tall of this Native Yellow Honeysuckle Lonicera flava, is a desirable landscape 10 to 20 foot vine native to the US but should not be confused with the invasive alien Japanese Honeysuckle. Native Yellow Honeysuckle vines are very showy and fragrant with unusual foliage, bright yellow flowers that turn reddish as they age, and attractive clusters of red fruits in the Fall. Lonicera flava Yellow Honeysuckle is a good choice for a trellis, arbor or fence and a good vine for a native plant garden or bird garden. Yellow Honeysuckle can be grown along the ground as a ground cover in wild or naturalized areas. Hardy in zones 4 to 9.


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