Lilium dalhansonii Marhan 8 seeds


Lilium dalhansonii Marhan 8 seeds

Seeds from Lilium dalhansonii Marhan. This plant is a deciduous bulb. It is notable for its striking flower clusters. Racemes of numerous small turkscap shaped orange chestnut flowers with darker spotting inside, plant in full sun with the base of the plant in shade Its shape is described as tall. It has slender foliage that is green. It produces flowers during early summer that are recurved in shape and orange and brown in colour. This is a hardy plant. It requires a alkaline, rich and well drained soil, preferring full sun, and a position in a border or in a container. This plant is likely to need staking. It is susceptible to and should be protected from wireworms, beetles, slugs and snails and aphids. Zones 3 to 10.


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