Leycesteria formosa Himalayan Honeysuckle pint plant


Leycesteria formosa Himalayan Honeysuckle pint plant

Pint pot plant of Leycesteria formosa Golden Honeysuckle. This very unusual variety produces blossoms in the mid summer and bright red berries in the fall. These very unusual drooping maroon and white blossom clusters on the tips of the branches of golden lime and burgundy tipped leaves. Really attracts wildlife in USDA zones: 7 to 10. The hummingbirds go crazy over it and animals and birds eat the berries and they are supposedly edible with a bitter taste. The hollow stems can be used to make whistles and flutes. If the temperature gets below 12F , stems will be killed to the ground. The plant is a fast grower and will quickly come back. Mulch is necessary to protect roots from cold temperatures. Very easy to grow and does keep in a nice shrub form.


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