Jubaea chilensis Coquito de Chile Palm 5 seeds


Jubaea chilensis Coquito de Chile Palm 5 seeds

Seeds from Jubaea chilensis or Chilean palm. This palm dominates the landscape with its thick muscular trunk. The straight gray trunks can grow to over 3 ft in diameter and heights of 80 ft. In older specimens, the trunk typically constricts near the top to form the brutes shoulders upon which rest a proportionally small head that is composed of densely packed pinnate leaves. They are held erect on short stems to form a crown that is about 30 ft in diameter. The leaves grow 12 to 15 ft in length and are a bit darker green on top with the lower surfaces a duller grey green. Purple flowers are on 4 ft inflorescence flower stalk that grows hidden among the leaves. The orange fruits, called coquitos, are about 1. 5 in diameter. Within the fruits are smooth tan seeds that resemble tiny coconuts. These have similar oily white flesh that tastes like them too. Zones 8 to 10.


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