Jacquinia keyensis | Joewood | Cudjoe Wood | 5 Seeds


Jacquinia keyensis | Joewood | Cudjoe Wood | 5 Seeds

Here I am offering seeds from Jacquinia keyensis, also known as Joewood, and Cudjoe Wood. This fragrant shrub is native to South Florida, the Keys, the Bahamas and the West Indies. Joewood is a shrub to small tree with 2 inch long, leathery leaves and fragrant white flowers. As they ripen, the small, pea sized fruits turn from white to pale orange. It will often have fruit and flowers at the same time. This slow growing species is rarely grown in cultivation, but its sturdy growth, dense crown of foliage and delightfully fragrant flowers make it an excellent choice for the home landscape. Usually less than 5 feet tall and seldom reaching more than 15 feet tall, it is an attractive shrub for a sunny or lightly shaded location. Joewood is found in a few locations in the pinelands of Everglades National Park, where it grows on limestone rock and is exposed to fire. This is one strong species. USDA Hardiness Zones 10b to 11


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