Ixia viridiflora | Turquoise Ixia | 5 seeds


Ixia viridiflora | Turquoise Ixia | 5 seeds

Here I am offering seeds from Ixia viridiflora Turquoise Ixia. Ixia viridiflora is a cormous perennial from South Africa. This plant has upright, slim, lance shaped, mid green leaves with smaller, thin leaves up the stem. Ixia viridiflora has 6 petalled, star shaped, flat, blue green flowers with a reddish black center. The flowers stems can have 10 or more flowers at one time. Flowers April through July. Ixia viridiflora needs a well drained, fertile soil in full sun and is not frost hardy so it will need to be kept indoors if you live where frost is expected.


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