Iris laevigata Royal Cartwheel 10 seeds


Iris laevigata Royal Cartwheel 10 seeds

Seeds from Iris laevigata also named, Royal Cartwheel and is native to Japan, Korea and China, and grows in swampy places. It is a water-loving evergreen Iris growing to 30 inches high. The flowers are consisting of 3 sepals and 3 petals. Flowers are a rich blue to pale and falls with a white midstripe. Unbranched stems bear 2 to 4 flowers. Best planted well before Spring to ensure it flowers. The leaves are broad and green. . This is a true aquatic Iris, requiring a wet site the entire year. Iris laevigata is used frequently in ponds, because it is one of the few Irises which will grow reliably in shallow water. It can also be grown in damp soil. Grow in moist to wet, deep, humus rich, acid soil. This Iris requires sun to partial shade, growing and flowering best in full. Hardiness zones 4-9.


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