Impatiens walleriana ‘Double Musica Pink Energy’ Starter Plant


Impatiens walleriana ‘Double Musica Pink Energy’ Starter Plant

Here I am offering a starter plant from Impatiens Musica Pink Energy. Grows in part sun or shade but usually be found in hanging baskets and also works in the garden. Watering Notes: Annuals planted in containers should be watered by soaking the soil well and not watered again until the surface is dry about 1/2″ down. This is on average every 2-3 days. Planted in the ground, annuals will need frequent watering when first planted, but will not need anymore until dry. Fertilize Notes: Most annuals are grown for their flowers and need a high phosphorus fertilizer like 10-20-10. They should be fertilized monthly or fertilize every 2-3 weeks if using a liquid feed program. Zones 10-11.


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