Hibiscus sabdariffa Jamaican Purple Sorrell 10 seeds


Hibiscus sabdariffa Jamaican Purple Sorrell 10 seeds


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Seeds from this Hibiscus sabdariffa common names roselle, Florida cranberry, Indian sorrel, Jamaican purple sorrel. Roselle is a many branched shrub like annual that gets 4 to 7 ft tall and as broad. The dark green leaves are about 6 in across and dissected into 5 narrow lobes. The stems, branches, leaf veins, and petioles leaf stems are purple. The hibiscus like flowers, appearing in October, are yellow and 3 in across. At the bottom of each flower, enclosing the bases of the five petals, is a fleshy bright purple cup like structure. The calyces of roselle are used to make juices, sauces, jellies, wines and pies.


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