Gloriosa virescens var. plantii 10 seeds


Gloriosa virescens var. plantii 10 seeds

Seeds from Gloriosa virescens var. plantii , also know as Climbing Lily or Flame Lily. A very rare find is this bright tangerine/orange variety. A vining type plant that will grow up to 5 feet high if you give it something to climb on. Very unusual in that the tips of the leaves actually turn into little tentacles at the ends and twine onto anything that they can. Each plant produces between 3 and 9 blossoms at a time. At least 6 hours of sunshine a day is required to get the best blooms. Fairly drought tolerant and pretty much carefree and pest free when finally established. Hardy to zone 8 and 9, will die back to the ground with extended cold temperatures but will grow right back in the spring.


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