Gladiolus imbicatus Meadow Gladiolus 15 seeds


Gladiolus imbicatus Meadow Gladiolus 15 seeds

Seeds from Gladiolus imbricaus or Meadow Gladiolus is native to southeastern Europe and Turkey. It grows in wet meadows and marshes and flowers from May to July. It has a spike of 4 to 12 carmine to deep purple flowers, streaked purple and white. Its lowest leaf is round or blunt, not sharp which is another distinguishing characteristic. It is regarded as the hardiest for very cold climates and seems to have no other demerit, in gardens, other than its rarity. Having 18- to 24-inch stems in early summer, the flowers are held horizontally like blowing flags. Sunny well drained site with adequate moisture when in growth. Hardy in zones 5-8.


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