Gaura biennis | Gaura longifolia 30 seeds


Gaura biennis | Gaura longifolia 30 seeds

Seeds from Gaura biennis or Biennial gaura. A biennial plant that grows 4-6′ when mature, branching frequently on top to produce long flowering stems. The angular stems are covered with white hairs that are soft and long. The light green leaves are 5″ long and 1½” across when full-sized. They usually alternate along the stems, but sometimes occur in whorls where a new stem emerges from an older stem. The leaves have very short or no petioles, are lanceolate or ovate in shape, and have margins that are smooth or slightly dentate. The leaves usually turn red during late summer or fall. The numerous small flowers are usually light pink, but are sometimes white or reddish pink, depending on their maturity. They have a slight fragrance. Zones 4a-8b.


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