Eriobotrya japonica Japanese Plum Loquat pint Plant


Eriobotrya japonica Japanese Plum Loquat pint Plant

Pint plant from Japanese plum or Eriobotrya japonica. This slow growing multibranched tree can be pruned into a standard with a single trunk or even better espaliered to a wall or fence. When steamed or baked the loquat fruit develops a delicious undertone of flavor very similar to nectarines and peaches. It can grow to 16′-25′ and 15′ across. The oval leaves are very waxy oval shaped and about 5 inches long. The flowers are very small on thousands of them when they are all in blossom and the aroma can be enjoyed for anyone within 25′ of the tree in the early fall when in bloom. It grows in full sun to part shade with very little extra care and have very few insect problems. Hardy in zones 8-11. Enjoys cooler winters and is hardy to 10 degrees.


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