Ensete maurelii Red Abyssinian Banana 8 seeds


Ensete maurelii Red Abyssinian Banana 8 seeds


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Seeds of Ensete maurelii Red Abyssinian Banana. An ornamental banana from the mountains of East Africa. Growing to only 12′ tall in temperate climates. Ensete maurelii makes a superb ornamental for the summer border. The most ornamental characteristic is that the foliage is covered with burgundy, especially concentrated as the new growth emerges. The higher the light levels, the brighter the coloration. Like many tropical plants, these can be successfully wintered inside, although they will likely stop growing or slow down. In the summer, they appreciate being moved outside, where they can get adequate sun, which is important for their full leaf coloration. Like bananas, these plants are rapid growers and love plenty of moisture, fertilizer, heat, and sunlight?the more you can provide for these conditions, the better your plants will look. Hardy to zones 8b-11.


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