Dypsis lastelliana Red Neck Palm 5 seeds


Dypsis lastelliana Red Neck Palm 5 seeds

Seeds from Dypsis lastelliana. “Big Red” This is the proper red neck there seems to be about 3 forms but all are large plants, the seed size is twice that of D. Leptocheilos and grows at half the speed the leaves are held upright and the crownshaft is a deep maroonish red. Will grow very well in subtropics but will grow best in a tropical environment. A solitary, large, water-loving, moderately slow growing, monoecious, orange coloured crownshaft palm. It has a rough, brown trunk, 65 ft tall, 15 inch diameter with spaced ring leaf scars, and huge segmented, pinnate leaves, 10 ft. long,3 ft wide, dark green above and beneath. Zones 10-11.


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