Dodecatheon amethystinum Jeweled Shooting Star 10 seeds


Dodecatheon amethystinum Jeweled Shooting Star 10 seeds

Seeds from Dodecatheon amethystinum Jeweled Shooting Star. This native zone 4 to 8 perennial wildflower consists of a low rosette of leaves and a flowering stalk of flowers. The leaves are up to 6 ft long and 2 in across medium green, hairless, and smooth along their margins. The flowering stalk is hairless and have no leaves. The amethyst starshaped flowers nod downward. The blooming period occurs during the late spring for about 2 weeks. Each seed capsule contains many tiny seeds. The foliage withers away by mid summer. This wildflower reproduces by reseeding itself. They need plenty of moisture in spring, but can be quite dry during their summer dormancy.


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