Dioscorea bulbifera Air Potato Starter Plant


Dioscorea bulbifera Air Potato Starter Plant

Starter plant of this wonderful vine Dioscorea bulbifera also known as Air Potatoes that I grow in pots on my patio. The leaves are 2″ to 6″ wide, very shiny, heart shaped and deeply veined. The flowers are produced in the fall and hang down with small white starlike buds and are very attractive. This plant is known as air potatoes as they form small bulbs along the vines as they grow. They will form a vine for the patio and along a trellis or quick growth for a covered patio area. I have had three plants on my patio for the past years and find that pests or diseases are not a problem with them. I do not use any chemicals on my plants and therefore at certain times of the year you are able to find nibbles here and there on the most of the host plants for butterflies.


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