Cyphomandra betacea Tree Tomato Tamarillo gallon plant


Cyphomandra betacea Tree Tomato Tamarillo gallon plant

Gallon plant of Cyphomandra Solanum betaceum. A small tree or shrub in the flowering plant family Solanaceae. It is best known as the species that bears the tamarillo an egg shaped edible fruit. It is also known as the tree tomato or tamamoro. The tamarillo is native to the Andes of Peru Chile Ecuador Colombia and Bolivia. Today, it is still cultivated in gardens and small orchards for local production and it is one of the most popular fruits in these regions. Other regions of cultivation are the subtropical areas throughout the world such as South Africa India Hong Kong China United States Australia and New Zealand. The plant is a fast growing tree that grows up to 5 meters. Peak production is reached after 4 years and the life expectancy is about 12 years. The tree usually forms a single upright trunk with lateral branches. The flowers and fruits hang from the lateral branches. The leaves are large simple and have a strong pungent smell. The flowers are pink white and form clusters of 10 to 50 flowers. Zones 9 to 11.

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