Cydista aequinoctialis Garlic Vine 10 seeds


Cydista aequinoctialis Garlic Vine 10 seeds

Seeds from Cydista aequinoctialis Garlic Vine. The Garlic Vine is one of the most rewarding, flowering vines that you can grow. Interestingly enough, it smells like garlic. However, it doesn’t smell if the plant is left alone maybe a light fragrance, only when the leaves are crushed will you really smell the garlic. Flowering twice a year you will find it quite often covered with flowers. Flowers start off purple and change to a lighter shade of lavender with age, eventually fading to almost white. You will see 3 different colors of flowers at the same time on the plant. It can be grown in containers and should be trimmed after the flowers are gone. Avoid freezing temperatures. Zones 9-11.


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