Cornus florida sbsp. urbiniana Magic Dogwood 3 seeds


Cornus florida sbsp. urbiniana Magic Dogwood 3 seeds

Seeds from this tree have blossomed and they do grow true to form. These are Fresh Seeds from a Dogwood called Cornus florida sbsp. urbiniana Mexican Dogwood,Flowering Dogwood,or Eastern Dogwood. Originally from eastern Mexico, this dogwood is a subspecies of our native common flowering dogwood Cornus florida. The large flower bracts are fused at the tips to give it a Chinese Lantern shape. The bracts connect to each other throughout floral development, making a canopy like look over the true flowers in the center. This dogwood holds its foliage much longer than the average native dogwood, prolonging its fall color longer for your enjoyment. This makes them very interesting, but the blue cast to the leaves and superb resistance to anthracnose and powdery mildew along with the ability to grow well in full sun make them good candidates for borders. Zones 5a to 8b.


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