Cornus florida rubra Northern Red Dogwood 10 seeds


Cornus florida rubra Northern Red Dogwood 10 seeds

Seeds from Cornus florida rubra. A Native to Missouri this flowering dogwood is a small, deciduous tree which grows 15 to 30 feet. With a low branching, pyramidal but somewhat flat topped look. This pink-flowered tree blooms in early spring. The true flowers of this dogwood are actually tiny, yellowish green and insignificant, being compacted into button like clusters. However, each flower cluster is surrounded by four showy, pink to reddish pink, petal like bracts which open flat, giving the appearance of a single, large, 3 to 4 inch diameter. In autumn, the oval, 6 inch dark green summer leaves turn a dull yellow mixed with green and rose. Bright red fruits which are poisonous to humans, but loved by birds mature in early fall and usually persist until the middle of December. The reddish brown wood is so hard it is used to make tool handles. Zones 5 to 8.


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