Cordyline australis Cordyline Dazzler pint Plant


Cordyline australis Cordyline Dazzler pint Plant

Starter Plant from Cordyline australis Cordyline Dazzler is a fast growing woody plant native to New Zealand that can be grown as a palm-like shrub or a small tree. Its narrow, swordlike colorful leaves remain erect while the lower leaves in the tip cluster droop a bit. Panicles of fragrant white flowers appear in late spring and followed by small white or blue fruits. It is grown for its purple-burgundy leaves. Cordyline grows best in well-drained soil in full sun, and will tolerate alkaline soils and drier seaside locations. Full grown the tree can reach an appreciable size of 8’x6′ but it is often grown as a shrub in a garden setting, or even as a houseplant. Zones 8-11


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