Combretum indicum-Ragoon Creeper-Drunken Sailor quart plant


Combretum indicum-Ragoon Creeper-Drunken Sailor quart plant

Quart plant of Ragoon Creeper. The unique flowers of Rangoon creeper emerge white, change to pink and then deep red, with a delightfully sweet fragrance. Clusters of long tubular buds open to fragrant single white starry flowers that quickly change to pink, red, and finally a deep maroon. The Rangoon Creeper is a vigorous up to 15′ twining tropical climber that flowers profusely throughout summer. USDA Cold Hardiness Zones: 10,11 as a woody vine – 8,9 as dieback perennial if protected. It makes a wonderful outdoor plant for a summer patio, and you?ll be able to enjoy the fragrant flowers during the peak blooming season. Easy to contain with hard pruning. In more northern climates, it will need to be planted in a pot that spends summers outdoors and winters in a sunny window.


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