Coccothrinax boschiana Barreras Silver Palm 5 seeds


Coccothrinax boschiana Barreras Silver Palm 5 seeds

Seeds from Coccothrinax boschiana Barreras Silver Palm, this special new species grows only on a single limestone ridge to an altitude of 650 ft. in the southwest of the Dominican Republic on the Barahona Peninsula. Coccothrinax boschiana grows a slender trunk to about 40 ft. tall, densely clothed in hard, fibrous leaf sheaths. The leaves are very stiff and rigid,yellowish green to golden above and stunningly silvery white below. In cultivation it will do well in any tropical and most warm temperate climates. Growth in the latter may be rather slow. One of the few bluish palms that will grow in the humid tropics. Zones 7-11.


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