Clerodendrum splendens Flaming Glorybower Pagoda Flower


Clerodendrum splendens Flaming Glorybower Pagoda Flower

Pint plant of Clerodendrum splendens Flaming Glorybower, Pagoda Flower. A twining, evergreen climber with 7 inch leaves and produces panicles of bright crimson butterfly-shaped flowers. Grows to 10 feet, prefers high humidity. Tender, hardy in zones 9 to 12. Can be grown in a pot with a trellis or in a hanging basket. Plant in fertile, moist soil in sun or part shade. I enjoy this plant in hanging baskets, and it puts on a long time show on a patio. I am sure you would over winter this in the house in colder climates. In pots and hanging baskets, it does require quite a bit of water. Keep this plant in Sun to partial shade, the more sun this plant gets, the more it blossoms.


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