Chilopsis linearis Desert Willow 10 seeds


Chilopsis linearis Desert Willow 10 seeds

Seeds from this Desert Willow or Chilopsis linearis is a large deciduous shrub or small tree. There is one in McFarland 30 feet+tall, but usually they are a 15 foot or so small tree. Its willow like long narrow leaves and growth along desert washes give the desert willow name. The Penstemon like flowers are fragrant, pink to lavender. They appear in May and keep coming until Sept. or frost. Native near waterways in Mojave and Col. desert. Likes moderate water and sun. Does best inland and in desert. In most of California the test would be if you get frost, but do not get below 0F, it will probably grow. Easy to grow. It’s nice looking and fast. The leaf tips will freeze each winter, ours have lived through -4 deg. F. in containers with little damage. It has a nice deciduous form. Can be pruned to make a weeping willow effect. A weeping willow with 1-2″pink-purple catalpa-like flowers! Plant and stems look dead when dormant, Do not pull out the first winter. Hummingbirds live in this most of the summer. A favorite in the garden all summer. A fast grower that covers itself with hundreds of hummingbird-attracting summer flowers. Hardy in zones 6-11.


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