Chelone glabra White Turtlehead 10 seeds


Chelone glabra White Turtlehead 10 seeds

Seeds from Chelone glabra or White Turtlhead. This smooth plant has tight terminal clusters of white often lavender-tinged tubular, 2-lipped flowers resembling turtle heads. White turtlehead, a robust perennial, grows 1-4 ft. tall. Its erect stems end in spikes of white flowers, the shape of which suggests a turtle head. The leaves are elongate and arranged opposite eachother along the stem. Native to stream edges and swampy areas, turtle head will grow in any light condition so long as the roots are kept consistently wet. Under lower light conditions the stems might grow tall and weak and might require staking. Tips can be pinched back earlier in the growing season to encourage a more compact form. Can bloom from July to October. Zones 3 to 8


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