Castilleja rhexifolia Rosy Paintbrush 10 seeds


Castilleja rhexifolia Rosy Paintbrush 10 seeds

Seeds from this Castilleja rhexifolia or Rosy Paintbrush. Small upright clusters. Plant with few hairs, or more often hairless. Stems unbranched, purplish red or scarlet. Leaves broadly lance-shaped without lobes or with few lobes in upper part of plant. Flower bracts 1- to 3-lobed, center lobe very wide and often somewhat rounded, all with round tips. Grows in subalpine meadows, bogs, alpine talus slopes. This species is the common high-altitude paintbrush in eastern Washington and northeastern Oregon. Similar to and known to hybridize with C. miniata, which generally grows at lower elevations. Zones 3-6.


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