Canna Lily Canna x generalis Stuttgart sport Plant Quart


Canna Lily Canna x generalis Stuttgart sport Plant Quart

Canna Lily Stuttgart sport Quart plant A two year old quart plant This very unusual sport of Stuttgart canna. This is one of my showiest fine petaled cannas. The leaves are a very soft medium green slightly faded white blotches and not nearly as predominant as normal Stuttgart. These cannas grow to about 7 or 8 feet tall. This extremely hardy variety produces these peach orange and gold blossoms all summer as long as you keep them watered. I have had these in my garden for four years and have yet to find a leaf roller on one of them. This plant requires lots of water and is perfect for backyard ponds. Hardy to zone 7 and above, will die back to the ground with extended freezing temperatures but will grow right back in the spring. Many people find that this plant burns very easily so give this plant as much shade as possible. USDA Hardiness zones 7 to 10


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