Canna edulis Achira forming edible tubers 8 seeds


Canna edulis Achira forming edible tubers 8 seeds

Seeds from Canna edulis which is an erect, herbaceous, perennial plant producing clumps of stems up to 9 feet tall with large leaves up to 24″ long and 7″ wide. The stems arise from a very large, thick, and tuber-like rhizome. A close relative of the common garden canna (Canna indica) varieties that are grown for their flowers.  The plant has the appearance somewhat like a small banana plant. The plant is cultivated for its edible root in the Tropics. This crop is easy to grow in the Pacific Northwest and generally easy to grow in most parts of the US that have at least moderate summer rainfall.  Where the ground does not freeze significantly, achira can be grown as a perennial.  Roots are most commonly white but can have skin colors partly to fully green, yellow-green, purple, or light brown.  Achira is one of the least diverse of the Andean roots and tubers, with less than fifty recognized varieties, many of which are quite similar.


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