Camellia japonica La Peppermint Quart Plant


Camellia japonica La Peppermint Quart Plant


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Quart plant from Camellia japonica La Peppermint. From late winter to early spring, it bears large, waxy flowers which are excellent for cutting. ?La Peppermint? is bushy, dependable blooming with an upright habit and medium height. Small, double, rose-form, formal blooms which mean there are rows of overlapping petals and gold reproductive structures visible in the center are white to light pink generously striped with carmine. The evergreen leaves and tender flower buds may suffer from sunscald and wind desiccation in winter, so avoid planting camellia in highly exposed areas. Camellia’s prefers partial sun to partial shade but will tolerate full sun once established, though sunscald may be a problem. In the landscape, it may be used in hedges, foundations, mixed borders or as a specimen plant. Zones 7 to 9.


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