Calochortus gunnisonii Mariposa Lily 10 seeds


Calochortus gunnisonii Mariposa Lily 10 seeds

Seeds from this lovely flower is named for Captain J. W. Gunnison, 1812-1853, surveyor, explorer, and expedition leader who, with eight companions, was murdered in Utah just after finishing a railroad route survey. Gunnison is honored in many names: Calochortus gunnisonii, Gunnison Grouse, the Gunnison River, the town of Gunnison in Colorado, etc. Edible parts of Mariposa Lily: Bulb – raw or cooked. One report says that the raw bulb tastes like a raw new potato. It has a crisp nut-like texture and a pleasant flavour when cooked. The bulb can be dried and ground into a powder for making a sweet porridge, mush etc. Leaves – cooked. It is hard to obtain a sufficient quantity and use of the leaves will weaken the bulbs. Seed – ground into a powder. Flower buds – raw. Added to salads. Stems 12 inches with up to 3 flowers on top. The Color is most often white, but the flower can have tinges of blue and pink. Bloom Time: Mid Spring Late Spring/Early Summer. Zones 3-6.


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