Bomarea multiflora Vine Alstroemeria 8 seeds


Bomarea multiflora Vine Alstroemeria 8 seeds

Seeds of Bomarea multiflora Vine Alstroemeria Trailing Lily, Climbing Alstroemeria. Bomarea multiflora is a multi-stemmed climber up to 6 1/2 feet, with narrow, oblong, mid- to light green leaves. The narrowly tube-shaped flowers grouped in rounded clusters from late spring to fall, and are bright red to orange in color, orange or yellow inside, with red, brown, followed by lobed, dark red fruit. To see Bomarea at their best they need a warm place with lots of sunlight (although can be grown under artificial lights). They are pretty tough and the plants can survive milder areas if grown outside with roots that will survive to around 32 degrees F.


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