Bismarckia nobilis Silver Palm 3 seeds


Bismarckia nobilis Silver Palm 3 seeds

Seeds from Bismarckia nobilis, The larger palm picture is around 4-6 years old. The Bismarck Palm has a single smooth trunk topped with 20-25 wide fronds forming a spherical crown. Younger Bismark Palms have grey trunks covered with old leaf bases which get smoother as it matures. They have palmate waxy leaves supported by thick stems. Stems are 8-10ft long 10 inch in diameter and are covered with small sharp teeth. A Wide spread of silver-green leaves can reach 10ft across and is one of the most desired fan palms. It is a native to the island of Madagascar which is off the east coast of Africa. Bismarckia nobilis is a massive palm that will give dramatic effect to any landscape. This palm can be used as a focal point or for shade and screening and can also tolerate cold temperatures down to 15F. Zones 9-11.


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