Asclepias linearis Slim milkweed Pint Plant


Asclepias linearis Slim milkweed Pint Plant

Pint Plant from this very RARE Asclepias linearis or Slim Milkweed. A Perennial know to grow in Delaware. Slender upright perennial, to 0.5 m, branching only at the base and terminating in an umbel of very small greenish-white flowers. The leaves are The smooth linear shaped leaves and are opposite and attached directly to the stem, each 1-4 inches long and less than a quarter of an inch wide. The flowers are less than a quarter of an inch across and are in a solitary umbel or are one of several at the upper nodes, the flowers are greenish-white outside with a white interior.Ranging from from Southern Arizona along the border to South Texas and south through Sonora to Sinaloa and Durango. Zones 8-11


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