Annona purpurea Sancoya Cabeza de Negrois 5 seeds


Annona purpurea Sancoya Cabeza de Negrois 5 seeds

Seeds from Annona soncoya Cabeza de Negrois native and common in coastal lowlands from southern Mexico to Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. The tree is small to medium sized around 20 to 30 ft high with a short trunk to 1 1/2 ft in diameter and spreading branches which are rusty woolly when young. Strongscented flowers which emerge with the new leaves. The pulp is agreeably aromatic suggesting the mango abundant yellow or orange soft fibrous of mild agreeable flavor. The soncoya requires a hot, humid climate and it never occurs at an altitude higher than 4000 ft. The fruits ripen in August in Yucatan generally in the fall in Central America. In Colombia the pulp is eaten raw or is strained for juice and drank as a beverage or folk remedy. The seed extract destroys fleas. Zones are unknown. Not frost hardy.


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