Alyogyne hakeifolia | Australian Hibiscus | 10 seeds


Alyogyne hakeifolia | Australian Hibiscus | 10 seeds

Seeds from this Alyogyne hakeifolia, Australian Hibiscus, or Red Centered Hibiscus is a medium, multibranched upright shrub reaching about 9 feet in height. The red centered blossoms range from white to purple and yellows and the leaves are dark green and comprised of very narrow stemlike segments. A desert plant, it is well suited to a warm, dry climate. It is intolerant of bad drainage but is sufficiently hardy in cool moist climates such as south eastern Australia. It is less hardy than Alyogyne huegelii in climates such as the subtropics. A well drained sunny spot is ideal although plants will grow in semi shade. Plants perform best when they receive sunlight for most of the day and have some wind protection as large plants are subject to wind damage.


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