Akebia quinata Silver Bells pint Plant


Akebia quinata Silver Bells pint Plant

Pint plant from Akebia quinata Silver Bells. Definitely one of the most colorful and unusual of all the Fiveleaf Akebias, ‘Silver Bells’ has white bell shaped flowers that open in late spring. It reveals deep purple flower interiors. The female flowers are also present on the vine with a different appearance as a light rose to purple with star shaped flowers. All the flowers male or female, have a delicious vanilla scent and occasionally a five inch long pink to blue skinned fruit. For pollination and fruit, you will need two varieties of Akebia. A strong wooded structure for this plant to climb on will be needed or let it travel along the ground for a fine textured groundcover that will tolerate hard prunings. New growth emerges with a tinge of purple and fades to a bluish-green leaving the picture on this unique and highly decorative vine. Zones 5 to 8.


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