Callistemon violaceus Violet Bottlebrush 20 seeds

Callistemon violaceus Violet Bottlebrush 20 seeds


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Seeds from these wonderful bottlebrush shrub or small tree Callistemon violaceus Purple Bottlebrush. This variety is a real attraction for butterflies and bees. They form dense, bushy shrubs 6 to 8 feet tall by a similar spread, producing yellow-tipped purple brushes in mid to late spring. These fascinating plants start very easy from seeds and can be pruned for pot culture. Can be overwintered in a 50 degree space and cannot tolerate wet feet. Always keep them on the dry side. The flowers are an unusual shaped fluffy pinkish purple, and form a umbrella shape when all in bloom. It grows in full sun to part shade with very little extra care and have very few insect problems. Hardy in zones 9-11. SEEDS ARE TINY. RINSE SEEDS OUT OF BAG WITH WATER.
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