Aristolochia Gorgona Exotic Vine quart

Aristolochia Gorgona Exotic Vine quart


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Plant of Aristolochia Grandiflora Gorgona - a vine that reaches up to 25 feet and produces these huge 14 to 16 inch blossoms in early spring and late summer. One of the most unusual vines that I grow. All my neighbors want to see it when it's in blossom. In 2002 was discovered a new species of Aristolochia Gorgona This species was previously confused with A. grandifloris. The two species at most times of the year are indistinguishable. The same plant during the early summer is very similar in both species. When the flower opens, you can now see the difference between the two plants, to appreciate its unusual flowers and to smell the very unpleasant odor. Only hardy in zones 9-11, this perennial vine will keep everyone amazed for years.
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