Callistemon viminalis Red Weeping Bottlebrush 20 seeds

Callistemon viminalis Red Weeping Bottlebrush 20 seeds


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Seeds from these wonderful red weeping bottlebrush shrub or small tree Callistemon viminalis. Although these trees can get over 30 feet in their native Australia, they seem to only grow about 15 - 20 feet in most US zones. These fascinating plants start very easy from seeds and can be pruned for pot culture. Can be overwintered in a 50 degree space and cannot tolerate wet feet and is hardy in zones 9b-11. Always keep them on the dry side. The flowers are an unusual shaped fluffy pink, and form a umbrella shape when all in bloom. It grows in full sun to part shade with very little extra care and have very few insect problems. SEEDS ARE TINY. RINSE SEEDS OUT OF BAG WITH WATER.
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