DORMANT Ipomoea macrorhiza Bigroot pint Moonvine Plant

DORMANT Ipomoea macrorhiza Bigroot pint Moonvine Plant


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Pint plant Ipomoea macrorhiza, pink moonvine, large-root morning glory. This plant rarely produces seeds and this is a wonderful opportunity to grow these vines. Ipomoea macrorhiza has beautiful nocturnal flowers and an edible root. It is a true perennial; the vines go dormant in the winter and sprout from the short stem at the top of the root in the spring.The vines twine around upright supports as they grow, and seem to do little branching. They start blooming at a height of about 6-7 feet. This species will also grow as a groundcover if there is nothing to climb on.The triangular leaves have a crinkled appearance, especially when young. The furled leaves and growing tips appear white.During the dormant season, the root can be harvested and eaten, either raw or cooked. Its flavor, color and texture is nearly identical to jicama. USDA Zones 7-10.
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