Ficus pumila Creeping Fig Vine pint Plant

Ficus pumila Creeping Fig Vine pint Plant


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Pint plant from Ficus pumila creeping fig or climbing fig is a species of flowering plant in the mulberry family, native to East Asia and naturalized in parts of the southeastern and south-central United States.It is also found in cultivation as a houseplant. Ficus pumila is a woody evergreen vine, growing to 8 ft to 13 ft. The juvenile foliage is much smaller and thinner than mature leaves produced as the plant ages. This plant requires the fig wasp Blastophaga pumilae for pollination, and is fed upon by larvae of the butterfly Marpesia petreus. It can become invasive and cover structures and landscape features if not maintained and its growth contained. When climbing buildings or wooden structures, the woody tendrils can cling or root in, and damage structures and/or their surface finishes. Zones 7 to 11.
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